Pemberville Village Council Minutes
of 4/2/02

Mayor Oberhouse called the regular meeting of Council to order on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002 at 7:30 p.m.  A prayer was offered by Douglas Wegman followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.   

Present for roll call were Panning, Wegman, Mazur, Brann, and Sharp.  Vandersall was absent.  Also attending the meeting were Police Chief, Dan O’Connor; Solicitor, Michael Marsh; BPA President, Homer Johnson; Planning Commission Chairman, David Foulke; and Polly Weitzel from the Sentinel-Tribune.

The minutes from March 19th, 2002 were reviewed.  Sharp moved to amend the minutes to change the price charged Laurel Nissen to $10,596.26.  Seconded by Panning, the motion carried unanimously.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Bills in the amount of $1,239.69 were presented for approval of payment.  Sharp moved, seconded by Wegman, to approve payment of the bills.  The motion carried unanimously.

David Foulke reported the Planning Commission has gone over the subdivision regulations several times and has a marked up draft they are satisfied with.  The language is more modern and it is more protective and more complete than the previous regulation ordinance.  Council members will be given copies to review, the Planning Commission will recommend approval, a public hearing held and Ordinance passed following the three readings.

BPA:  Is working on a water rate increase to present to the Utility Committee.  They would like to start it with the June or July billing.

The water softener at the South Water Plant is complete and they are still trying to get the sewer infiltration problems ironed out.  They will have more televising done (Water St., Bridge St., etc.)

Council decided to meet at 7:00 p.m., April 16th, at the South Water Plant for a tour.

MAYOR: Talked with Elaine Buchman, 412 Perry Street, about the Village cutting down some trees and bushes and stoning the right-of-way in front of her house.  She wants to check it out with her attorney.  Solicitor Marsh suggested having Bob Sanford of Poggemeyer Design mark the right-of-way but it was decided the employees could do it because they know where the stakes are.  


CHIEF O’CONNOR: Presented the Police Department Income/Expense Report for March.

Informed Council he sent eight certified letters on junk cars and TMACOG should have the traffic count done for Forrest Avenue.

PIMA wants to take over the flower boxes at the Police Station.

SHARP:  The Utility Building is going up and the question was asked who is doing the inspecting and making sure it is being built according to specs.  It was decided an employee or elected official should do the inspecting as long as they are qualified.

Sky Bank is not matching the interest rates CSB will give us.  The Committee is concerned about putting all our money in one bank but the Solicitor said it was okay and to go with the best rates.

MAZUR:  The Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks Committee has bids for asphalt work across from the Elevator and the entrance off Elm to the ballpark.  Rutter & Dudley had the lowest bid but Panning questioned the thickness of the asphalt.  Countyline Co-op is happy with what has been done on the corner across from them.

As there was no further business to be brought before Council at this time, Sharp moved, seconded by Brann, to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m.