Pemberville Village Council Minutes
of 4/19/02

Mayor Oberhouse called the special meeting of Council to order on Friday, April 19th, 2002 at 4:30 p.m.  The special meeting was called to consider a contract with Dreier & Maller, Inc. for work on sanitary sewer lines, storm sewers and right-of-way on Bierley Avenue, street sweeping and Mayor’s Conference.

Present for roll call were Vandersall, Wegman, Mazur, Brann and Sharp. Panning was absent.  Also attending the meeting were BPA President, Homer Johnson and Sewer Superintendent, Brian Heestand.

Discussion was held on the width of the Village right-of-way on Bierley Avenue.  The road width is 55’ with 30’ on the east side and 25’ on the west.  Vandersall moved to stay with the 25’ right-of-way on the west side of the road and not request any more.  Seconded by Sharp, the motion passed unanimously.

There is a storm sewer along Roberts’ property, 616 S. Bierley Avenue, that Keller’s want to hook their four new lots into.  If they find it is not a working sewer, they will put in a new one and also maintain it.  Discussion was held on eventually installing a storm sewer to empty into the ditch on the south side of Modine.  Sharp moved that we let Keller’s install and maintain a storm sewer behind their property at their expense with the understanding that down the road we will expect property owners to be assessed for a new storm sewer line when we put it in.  Seconded by Brann, the motion carried unanimously.

Ordinance #1233, Ordinance Declaring a Real and Present Emergency and Authorizing the Board of Public Affairs to Enter into a Contract or Contracts Without Competitive Bids with Dreier & Maller, Inc., had its first reading.  Sharp moved to suspend the rules.  Seconded by Wegman, the motion carried unanimously.  Sharp moved to pass Ordinance #1233 as an emergency.  Seconded by Brann, the motion carried unanimously.

Two bids were received for street sweeping:  one from Dublin Commercial Property Services, Inc.—for spring clean up $50.00 per hour not to exceed $400.00 and additional sweeps $50.00 per hour not to exceed $250.00; the other from Progressive Sweeping—for spring clean up $750.00 and routine sweeping at $400.00 each.  Vandersall moved to go with Dublin Commercial Property Services, Inc.  Seconded by Mazur, the motion carried unanimously.

The Mayor asked for permission to attend the Mayors Association of Ohio Conference, June 5-7, in Dublin, Ohio.  Sharp moved to allow the Mayor to go to the Mayors Conference in Dublin.  Seconded by Vandersall, the motion carried unanimously.

Vandersall moved, seconded by Mazur, to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 p.m.