Pemberville Village Council Minutes
of 1/2/02

Mayor Oberhouse called the regular meeting of Council to order on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002 at 7:30 p.m.  A prayer was offered by Douglas Wegman followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.   

New Council members were sworn in by the Mayor at the Elected Officials dinner preceding the meeting.

Present for roll call were Vandersall, Panning, Wegman, Brann, and Sharp.  Mazur was absent.  Also attending the meeting were Police Chief, Dan O’Connor; Solicitor, Michael Marsh; and Polly Weitzel from the Sentinel-Tribune.

The minutes from December 18th and December 27th, 2001 were reviewed and as there were no additions or corrections, the minutes stand approved as submitted.

Bills in the amount of $5,966.27 were presented for approval of payment.  Sharp moved, seconded by Vandersall, to approve payment of the bills.  The motion carried unanimously.

Ordinance #1230, Ordinance Amending Ordinance Number 1194 Concerning Municipal Employment Positions and Duties and Compensation, had its second reading.  Sharp moved to suspend the rules.  Seconded by Vandersall, the motion carried unanimously.  Sharp moved to pass Ordinance #1230 as an emergency.  Seconded by Vandersall, the motion carried unanimously.

Resolution #646, Resolution Accepting Bid for Depository, had its first reading.

Sharp moved to elect Vandersall as President Pro Tem of Council.  Seconded by Wegman, the motion carried unanimously.

MAYOR:  Dale Fahle was given a quote of $125.00 for a granite marker for the time capsule buried next to the town hall.  It will be flat so it can be mowed over.  Vandersall moved to purchase the stone for the time capsule.  Seconded by Wegman, the motion carried unanimously.

The 1st quarter Wood County Mayors Association dinner will be January 29th at the Pemberville Legion Hall.  The cost is $11.25.

The Board of Directors and Membership meeting for the Wood County Economic Development is January 9th.


VANDERSALL:  Received a letter from TMACOG asking for committee volunteers.

WEGMAN:  Wanted to know if he has the support of Council to work on the annexation of Portage Valley.  He is still waiting for information from AMP-Ohio.

SHARP:  CD interest rates are very low and since Sky Bank could not match Citizens Savings Bank, $200,000.00 was transferred to Citizens Savings Bank from Sky Bank.

The contractor was here to pour concrete last Thursday for the addition to the electric building. They were told to wait, on the advice of Village employees and Dave Fahle who works with concrete and agreed it shouldn’t be done in weather this cold.

Received a call from Arlene Layman, 179 Hickory Street, about the fence behind the condos.  The original pattern of a section of fence and three trees (arborvitaes) was not continued and it is not uniform.  Some spots just have two trees and there is one blue spruce that looks out of place.  Sharp will look into it.

CHIEF O’CONNOR: Submitted his Police Department Income/Expense Report for 2001.

Has received overwhelming response from the businesses for the Officer Phil program that will be presented to grades K-5 the end of January.  This is a statewide program that is coordinated through the school and Police Department.

Is going to put reminders around town to warn people to lock their doors, as there have been numerous burglaries in the rural areas and on the edge of town.

As there was no further business to be brought before Council at this time, Vandersall moved, seconded by Sharp, to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.