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Village of Pemberville
115 Main Street
P.O. Box 109
Pemberville, OH  43450
419-287-3738 (fax)
Office Hours:
8:30am-4:30pm (M-F)
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Village Council Members                   
Susan Rahe, President 419-461-6051
Daniel Angel 419-287-3832  
Carol Bailey 419-287-3832
William Long 419-287-4810
David St. Louis 419-376-6435
Christina Yaniga 419-287-3832
Council Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:00PM
Board of Public Affairs Members        
Charles Schulte, President 419-287-4519  
Dean Krukemyer 419-287-3832  
Thomas Mauk 419-287-3832  
Gretchen Densic, Clerk 419-287-3832  
Board of Public Affairs meets on the Monday preceding Council Meetings at 7:00PM

Council Committees for 2019              
Finance, Purchasing, Budget and Records - meets first & third Tuesday at 6:00pm
Susan Rahe* Daniel Angel
Carol Bailey Mayor Bowman
Sarah Dyer  
Flood/Emergency Committee - meets third Wednesday at 5:30pm
Christina Yaniga* Jordan Haynes
Gene Steele Mayor Bowman
Park/Swimming Pool - meets fourth Monday at 3:30PM
David St. Louis Joann Busdeker
Mayor Bowman  
Personnel - meets first & third Tuesday at 6:00pm
Daniel Angel Carol Bailey
Dean Krukemyer Susan Rahe
Mayor Bowman  
Planning Commission - meets third Wednesday at 7:00PM  (term through)
William Long*  (2018) Dave Miesmer  (2018)
Ed Wozniak  (2023) Keith Madaras  (2020)
Mayor Bowman  (2020)  
Lands & Buildings - meets third Thursday at 3:30PM
Carol Bailey David St. Louis
Mayor Bowman  
Streets, Alleys & Sidewalks - meets second Wednesday at 4:00PM
Susan Rahe Christina Yaniga
Daniel Angel  
Safety - meets as needed
Mayor Bowman* Daniel Angel
Carol Bailey  
Tree Commission - meets six times per year
Christina Yaniga Marge Cox
John Lockard Brian Myers
Terry Nigh Ruth Phillips
Dan Piotrowski Cheryl Sharp
Pat Vandersall  
Utilities - meets first & third Mondays @ 7:00pm (BPA Meeting)
William Long*


Volunteer Fire Fighters Dependent Fund Board - as needed
Daniel Angel


Pemberville-Freedom Fire Dept. Fire Committee - as needed
Christina Yaniga


Pemberville Union Cemetery Board - meets quarterly on third Tuesday @ 6:00pm
Carol Bailey

David St. Louis

Rick Rahe (Freedom Township)  
Zoning Board of Appeals - as needed  (term through)
Joe Hirzel  (2018) Melissa Sapp  (2021)
Mayor Bowman  (2021)  
* indicates committee chairman

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