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Village of Pemberville Tax Information

The following Village Income Tax forms are generic PDF fillable and can be used from year to year.  Please follow the instructions and fill in the blanks for the tax year, name & address,  account number (if you received a postcard it appears above your name) and all other pertinent information.  Forms cannot be saved and must be printed and either mailed or brought to the Village office.

Taxes can now be paid online by clicking the button below

Misc. Village tax forms:
      Business Request for Withholding Account Form updated Dec., 2014 - Fillable PDF form
      PW-1 Employer's Monthly Return of Tax Withheld updated July, 2017 - Fillable PDF form
      PW-1 Employer's Quarterly Return of Tax Withheld updated July, 2017 - Fillable PDF form
      PW-3 Employer's Withholding Reconciliation updated Jan., 2018
      Declaration of Estimated Income Tax updated Jan., 2018
      Landlord Registration Form updated Mar., 2015 - Fillable PDF form

Annual Tax Form:
      Village Income Tax Return updated Dec., 2017
      Important notice to Payroll / Tax Preparers

Municipal Income Tax Ordinances & Regulations

Ordinance # Description Date Passed
630 Levying Municipal Income tax 9/21/1976
630 Appendix Regulations of Income tax - Section 8 of Ordinance 630 12/31/1976
970 Amending Ord. 630 - Regarding employer withholdings, failure to pay when due,
and amount due less than $5.00
1062 Amending Ord. 630 - Regarding net losses for businesses 3/21/1995
1080 Amending Ord. 630 - Regarding Owner's of rental properties and reporting of their tenants 3/05/1996
1200 Amending Ord. 630 - Regarding personal services within the Village
and non-resident employers or agents
1275 Amending Ord. 630 - Revising the due date to April 15th 11/18/2003
1363 Amending Ord. 630 - Regarding no credit for tax paid to another municipality, retractive to 1/1/06 4/18/2006
1543 Ord. 1543 To Amend Ord. 630 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Pemberville Regarding Municipal Income Tax 12/15/2015
1543 Ord. 1543 Table of Contents 12/15/2015
1543 Ord. 1543 Municipal Income Tax 12/15/2015


You may need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print out these forms. If needed, you may click here or on the Adobe Icon to go to the download page for the software need for this type of document.

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