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Village of Pemberville
115 Main Street
P.O. Box 109
Pemberville, OH  43450
419-287-3738 (fax)
Office Hours:
8:30am-4:30pm (M-F)
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Flood Committee:

Information on the Flood Committee and flood-related resources can be found below.

Committee Members

Christina Yaniga - Chair
Mayor Gordon Bowman
Gene Steele
Jordan Haynes

Portage River Water Gauge
 - National Weather Service water gauge in Woodville, OH

Flood Regulations & Floodplain Management
 - Pemberville Ordinance #1488: Special Purpose Flood Damage Reduction
 - ODNR Floodplains Management Program website
 - Ohio Floodplain Regulation Criteria

 - Ohio Floodplain Management Handbook
 - Floodplain Development Permit application
 - No Adverse Impact toolkit

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Showing special flood hazard areas ~ effective 9-2-11
 - Map Panel 187D
 - Map Panel 188D
 - Map Panel 189D

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
 - National Flood Insurance Program website
 - NFIP Myths and Facts
 - Insurance vs. Disaster Assistance
 - Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage
 - Elevation Certificate & Instructions

 - Substantial Damage Determination Guidelines

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